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Fidel  Castro: His teachings and legacy will remain in the memory of all peoples

The Latin American Society of Political Economy and Critical Thinking salutes the Cuban people for the physical loss of the leader of the revolution in Cuba. His example is our legacy and his teachings inspire our daily practice to articulate popular and specific professional knowledge to assay various ways of transition from capitalism to socialism. The teachings of Fidel are many, among others, that "everything that has to be changed should be changed", as example of criticism and permanent transformation in a world with recurrent mutations. The leader of the revolution teaches us critical thinking in everyday life, even for self-criticism and renewal of thinking and doing themselves to ensure the anticapitalist, antiimperialist and anticolonial perspective. As legacy, we assume the responsibility from SEPLA to deepen critical studies of contemporary capitalist society and to think of the horizon of social transformation. The Cuban experience is invaluable in guiding the dreams of a socialist horizon. From SEPLA we say with all peoples struggling for their liberation: HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE COMANDANTE FIDEL ! Saturday, November 26th, 2016. Document in PDF format
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Argentine Chapter in English

IIPPE statement on the crackdown on its members in Turkey

IIPPE Council has been concerned with events in Turkey in the wake of the failed coup. In particular, we condemn the restrictions and pressures that have been placed upon our own members, which have meant that significant numbers have been unable to attend our Annual Conference in Lisbon in September, 2016. We are also disturbed by the potential threat to the health of political economy and political economists in Turkey, and support the efforts of TSSA to sustain its presence in Turkish academic and social life as part and parcel of its more general endeavours to promote social science in Turkey. (more…)
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Canadian and American teachers stand in solidarity with Mexican colleagues facing severe repression

Members of a coalition comprising teachers’ organizations from Canada, the United States, and Mexico spoke with one voice Sunday, denouncing the government of Mexico for atrocious rights violations against teachers. A strongly worded resolution was passed unanimously at the concluding plenary of the 12th biennial conference of the Tri-national Coalition in Defense of Public Education, held at UBC May 12–15, 2016. In it, delegates called on the government of President Enrique Peña Nieto to own up to the role of the state and police in the 2014 disappearances of 43 indigenous student teachers from the state of Guerrero. (more…)
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