SEPLA’s Foundation

The Latin American Society of Political Economy and Critical Thinking (SEPLA) was created on October 28, 2005, at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM):

Call of Foundation

List of founders

Previous Board(2014-2016)

Board (2016-2019):

  • President: Camille Chalmers (Haití) and Julio Gambina(Argentina)

  • Vice-President: Antonio Elias (Uruguay) and Wim Dierckxsens (Costa Rica)
  • Secretary: Josefina Morales (México) and Carolina Jimenez (Colombia)
  • Vocal: Agostina Costantino (Argentina) and Martin Kalos (Argentina)
  • Vocal: Lila Molinier (Paraguay) and Orángel Rivas (Venezuela)
  • Vocal: Claudio Lara (Chile) and Consuelo Silva (Chile)
  • Vocal: Niemeyer Almeida (Brasil) and Marina Machado (Brasil)

Key documents

SEPLA Manifest

Statutes, adapted for registration under MEC Uruguay

Other documents

Accessions (Until 2006)


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