6th Meeting – the Pandemic and thereafter

REDH's Virtual meetings continue, especially now when the epicenter of the pandemic is in our continent and the interest of some governments in saving their economies above the lives of their peoples is revealed. What awaits us in Latin America after the pandemic? Will the pandemic allow us to overcome capitalism? What should we do as peoples to promote profound change in the system? This sixth discussion is part of the programming carried out by the Network in defense of humanity to analyze the great challenges we face and will have the correspondent of "Crónica Digital" and international analyst Florencia Lagos Neumann as moderator. She will be accompanied by the panelists: Josefina Morales, researcher at IIEc-UNAM, economist and academic José Luis Rodríguez and also economist Antonio Elías, all members and directors of the Society for Latin American Political Economy. The appointment is on Thursday, July 9, through the channels: On YouTube at REDH and Cuba REDH At Facebook Live, through  RedEnDefensaHumanidad 's page At the following times: 5:00 (Caracas / Havana) 6:00 (Buenos Aires / Brasilia) 4:00 (Mexico) MULTIPLE VOICES IN REDH is the possibility of interacting with leading figures of world thought gathered under a common interest: to make…
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The pandemic and its aftermath

The fifth virtual meeting MULTIPLE VOICES IN REDH, “The pandemic and its aftermath” Will take place today, Wednesday, June 24 at 18:00 (Mexico time).The pandemic exposed a serious crisis in the health sector in capitalist one side of the world, the desire for profit above human life and, onother places, cooperation between peoples, mutual aid and solidarity; Which one of these two models will prevail? Will International relations betransformed after Coronavirus? Who will win in the race to find a vaccine? The right to have immunological protection must be guaranteed orshould only who can afford to pay survive? Why the success of Cuba and Venezuela in attention to the pandemic is hidden by the world? Why is there an international media silence in relation to the humanitarian crisis that occurs in Ecuador and in other countries? A debate on these and more highlited topics will be held among journalist Luis Hernández Navarro as presenter and host, renowned economist and professor Dr. José Luis Rodríguez, member of the SEPLA chapter in Cuba, with Professor Julio Gambina, Economist and Doctor of Social Sciences, part of the Board of SEPLA, and Antonio Elías, economist, academic and also director of the SEPLA. From Argentina,…
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Latin America

Capitalist crisis: a look from the political economy Live – SEPPY

The Political Economy Society of Paraguay celebrates 10 years of its foundation and we want to celebrate with you. We invite you to the conversation cycle 'the capitalist crisis: a look from the political economy. Analysis of the last decade ' Monday, June 22 at 7:00 pm (UTC-04:00) Facebook Live from SEPPY page Enter, react and share the event: We count on your participation!
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